UniSA space program prepares for a solar weather disaster

By / 6th of February, 2014

OVER 30 participants from ten countries gathered in Adelaide to prepare the country for an extreme space weather event as the lights flickered out around them.

Although the disaster was only simulated, experts and stakeholders from scientific, commercial, humanitarian and military organisations said their piece on how best to prepare in the case of a severe Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

CMEs are clouds of protons, electrons and ions ejected from the surface of the sun during collapses of its huge magnetic fields.

The Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program was hosted by The University of South Australia in collaboration with the International Space University to produce a white paper recommending how to deal with an extreme event like a CME.

For general information about the program and space weather, visit www.solarattack.org.

The program’s white paper

The University of South Australia's Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program

The International Space University

Australian Radio and Space Weather Service

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Key contacts

Michael Davis Co-Director Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program
mdavis@spacelaw.com.au http://unisa.edu.au/spaceprogram