Australian trade delegation in India to learn how to set up fashion design schools

By / 11th of August, 2015

An Australian delegation is visiting India to study it’s fashion education institutions in order to set up similar tertiary education experiences for design students at home.

The delegation from South Australia is looking to bring back ideas to improve the new undergraduate degree in fashion at Flinders University and TAFE SA.

Led by the South Australian trade minister Martin-Hamilton Smith, the delegation includes fashion designer Cristina Tridente.

She is spending this week touring India, including stops in Mumbai, New Delhi and Jaipur to learn from one of the world’s fastest growing fashion industries.

“India has big fashion groups, federations, and schools and it will be interesting to see if we can tie in with the Indian education sector,” Tridente said.

She said the delegation would be testing the market to find ways to forge a new relationship with India.

“We are talking to media and designers, and planning to attend some festivals while we are here. We are hoping to see if Indian designers would be interested in showcasing their products in South Australia.”

Tridente said she hopes this trip will help expand South Australia’s fashion industry and open new doors on multiple levels.

The trade delegation wants to build a strong and mutually prosperous economic relationship with some of Australia’s closest neighbours.

Tridente is coming off the back of a successful appearance in China at the Quindon International Fashion Festival last April.

This trip will mark the first time she has travelled to India and Tridente said that it is a country she has always wanted to visit.

“It’s somewhere I always wanted to go to get fabric! I want to embrace the Indian culture and learn about their traditional craftsmanship, and their industry.

“I’m also interested to learn about Indian markets and clothing, what people buy and whether South Australia can fit into that market,” Tridente said.

“This trip is all about collaborating and strengthening relationships with India,” Tridente said.

 “We will showcase some of the fashion talent we have in South Australia together with products that are manufactured and designed here.”­­­­­­­