Edinburgh: The gritty reboot of the circus - A Simple Space

By / 31st of July, 2014

It's the gritty reboot of the circus. Stripping back the big-top glitz, A Simple Space by acrobatic troupe Gravity & Other Myths  (GOM) takes the raw rehearsal room experience and drops the audience amongst the tears, sweat and laughter.

Staged with little more than some lamps, a pole, and drum kit providing the soundtrack, A Simple Space sees the team of acrobats hurl themselves at each other, in to the air and occasionally straight on to the floor.

There are superhuman feats of strength and ability at hand, but the raw staging makes it clear that there are only humans on stage. The exhausted panting and occasional 'ooph!' as a performer hits the deck are genuine - and deepens their connection with the audience.

A Simple Space Showreel - by Gravity & Other Myths 2014 from Gravity & Other Myths on Vimeo.

Jascha Boyce, one of the founding members of GOM and an acrobat in the show itself, said that the troupe aims to create work that is honest and simple.

"The concept of A Simple Space was to help give the audience insight into what is involved offstage in training and rehearsals for an acrobat," Boyce said.

"We took the games and creative tasks that we usually use to create the initial choreography for our work and put them onstage. Using these ideas we push ourselves to our physical limits without hiding any of the sweat, bruises and exhaustion that go with the job!"

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Their second time in Edinburgh, it follows their sold out season in 2013 and sold out season at their hometown Adelaide Fringe Festival in early 2014, where they were awarded Best Circus amongst a slew of five star reviews.

"We find that being ourselves on a minimal stage, running our own sound and lighting makes it easier to create real connections with our audiences. Helping them appreciate that we are just 'normal' people like them encourages a more visceral and engaging experience," Boyce explained.

"The experience of starting a small troupe that presented work only in our hometown of Adelaide to becoming a professional company, touring internationally and working full-time has been so incredible and unexpected. And to be able to do all this with some of your closest friends could not be more rewarding."

Gravity & Other Myths will be performing a A Simple Space from July 31st until August 30th at Underbelly in Bristo Square.

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