Data to Decisions intelligence hub for defence and security launches in Adelaide

By / 10th of November, 2014

A new $92 million big data facility will launch at Technology Park in Adelaide, South Australia today.

The Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre will distil massive amounts of data in to actionable, useful intelligence for Defence and National Security agencies in Australia.

South Australia Minister for Defence Industries Martin Hamilton-Smith said the Centre will help find needles in a rapidly-growing data haystack.

"The Centre strengthens South Australia's position as a national hub for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, establishing us as a significant international big data player," the Minister said.

"It will play a critical role in helping national security agencies develop capabilities to address online terrorism and crime, by making critical decisions faster and more accurately."

CEO of the Data to Decisions Centre Dr Sanjay Mazumdar said that the Centre will lead the way on pioneering research and high performance analytics.

"Every day, society creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data from disparate sources such as satellite imagery, social media, digital pictures, videos and voice recordings. This 'big data' cannot be analysed using traditional data processing methods," Dr Mazumdar said.

"Over five years the centre will employ around 40 full-time staff, support 48 PhD students and produce more than 1000 data scientists.

South Australia led the successful bid in this years round of Commonwealth Government CRC funding, backed by $92 million cash and in-kind support from a number of companies, academic institutions and governments.

South Australia will continue to contribute $600,000 over the next three years to the CRC.

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