Online science TV channel launched

By / 20th of November, 2014

A dedicated online science television channel launched today to deliver free high-quality science-based content on demand.

Called, the channel will be operated out of Adelaide, South Australia by national science communication organisation RiAus.

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“Everyone should have access to the wonders of science, and now through RiAus TV they can for free,” RiAus Director Dr Paul Willis said.

RiAus TV will broadcast high quality science content from some of Australia’s major science-based organisations as well as exclusive interviews with leading scientists.

The content will be available across digital media platforms from desktops to tablets and smartphones.

Media solutions company Hostworks partnered with RiAus to host the TV platform.

“Our team of software engineers worked with RiAus to develop a tailored content delivery platform that is easy to access, easy to use, and presented in as good a quality as possible, regardless of the viewer’s location,” said Will Berryman, the CEO of Hostworks. 

Dr Willis said science should be an integral part of pop culture, adding that the future of society depends on it.

“RiAus TV will provide a great opportunity to encourage conversations about science,” he said. “RiAus TV will have something to appeal to everyone, from school students to professionals to science first timers.

The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, University of South Australia, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and industry organisations, including the Defence, Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), have signed up as partners for RiAus TV.

Upcoming broadcasts include personal interviews with leading science communicators including Professor Brian Cox, Adam Spencer, Dr Carin Bondar and Professor Ian Chubb.

Key contacts

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