Tea Room vlogs on Chinese language and culture

By / 11th of March, 2015

The Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide has launched the Tea Room, a series of vlogs introducing viewers to Chinese language and culture.

Hosts Flavia and Ran are co-workers at the Confucius Institute that often talked about their different cultures over tea. It prompted the creation of the channel, which discusses topics such as Chinese New Year and how to be a polite guest in a Chinese household.

The University of Adelaide has a long history of engaging with China. It introduced its first Undergraduate course in Chinese language in the 1950s.

Officially launched in March 2007, the establishment of the Confucius Institute with Shandong University consolidates longstanding ties with the University of Adelaide and coincided with the twentieth anniversary of the Sister State relationship between South Australia and Shandong Province.

For more information on the Confucius Institute in Adelaide, see the video below.

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