South Australia welcomes new Chief Scientist Dr Leanna Read

By / 8th of August, 2014

DR LEANNA Read has been announced as South Australia's new Chief Scientist, a biotechnology expert and the first female to hold the position.

Science Minister Gail Gago welcomed Dr Read to the role.

“This renowned biotechnology expert also brings a wealth of executive, board and investment experience in technology-based businesses.

“As the fourth Chief Scientist for South Australia and the first woman to hold the position, Dr Read will help strengthen connections between industry and researchers, commercialise our research and position our State as a leader in STEM education and innovation,” Ms Gago said.

Dr Read welcomed the opportunity to promote and enhance the State’s research capabilities during her three-year term.

“This is a critical time for the South Australian economy. The uptake of science innovations by industry will be a key factor in our future prosperity.

“I am very much looking forward to working with our researchers, industry groups, Government and the wider community,” Dr Read said.

She is filling the position left by outgoing Chief Scientist Professor Don Bursill.

Minister Gago thanked Professor Bursill for his leadership and guidance in the state's scientific direction.

“Professor Bursill’s advice to the State Government has been a key contributor to raising the research and innovation profile of South Australia and enhancing opportunities for international engagements with Germany, Italy and China.

“He has championed the link between science and industry, and has developed initiatives to promote the importance of the STEM disciplines,” Ms Gago said.

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