Adelaide's path to world-first Smart City

By / 14th of November, 2016

DURING his 2016 election campaign, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pledged more than $50 billion as part of his Smart Cities campaign, to develop cities in Australia with smart technology, smart policy and smart investment.

But if he’d looked to South Australian capital Adelaide, he’d have found a city already well on its way to becoming a smart city.

Peter Karidis, co-founder and managing director of international Smart City consultancy Palamir, said that Adelaide possessed unique advantages that made it able to quickly adopt new developments in technology.

“Adelaide is the perfect size city; it has a well-defined CBD with a good population size for testing new applications,” he said.

“For cities along the Eastern seaboard, rolling out such infrastructure is difficult with huge traffic, so Adelaide's size is actually its benefit and that means we can actually be using smart transport and infrastructure far quicker than most other cities.

“The forward thinking Mayor and Premier are key to this opportunity now, with Local and State Government alignment towards making Adelaide a test city.”

Over the past few years, Adelaide has already begun to receive recognition for its uptake of these new technology initiatives:

Tech giant Cisco to support Internet of Things Innovation Hub

Cisco names Adelaide as first smart and connected 'Lighthouse City first in Australia

Cisco's Smart Cities network welcomes Adelaide, Australia with new Smart City Studio

img - industries_technology_151203_Ciscos Smart Cities network _bannerCisco opens its Smart Connected Communities office in Adelaide, South Australia.

Adelaide rolls out Australia's largest free WiFi network

Adelaide to become a Gig City

Adelaide first city outside United States to join Smart Gigabit Communities Program

img - industries_health_140317_SAHMRI_banner-2 SAHMRI is Adelaide's state-of-the-art health and medical research institute

Adelaide looks to host electric car race

Free Thinking Makes Adelaide Smarter

Lego city models smart technology

img - Lego4Lego city models smart technology