Frankie - the Changing Face of Visual FX

By / 16th of June, 2014

FRANKIE, the cloud-based reviewing tool for television commercials, is launching its latest version accommodating for the freelance market.

Created by South Australian company Cospective, Frankie was quickly adopted by large agencies and post-production houses when it launched two years ago. However the growing trend of freelancing and outsourcing of work meant it was becoming unaffordable for some.

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“Freelancers who were working at a large post house might find (using Frankie) fine while they’ve got the budget,” said Frankie Product Manager Jeremy Pollard. “But when they go out on their own and want to utilise these tools they can't necessarily factor in that same level… so we thought there was this opportunity to address a broader part of the market.”

Cospective is introducing two new pricing plans for the smaller post houses and individual artists who are taking advantage of new remote workflows. The plans are priced at $US49 and $US99 per month. While they will have reduced features compared to the Professional plan it still allows for the most important element of the program, the review and approval of workflow. 

“it can be quite lonely working (remotely) so anything you can do to make people feel more part of the process is a really positive thing."

"We want to replicate that experience of all sitting around a screen point at it play, pause, scribble on things and make it feel like you are all working together side by side no matter where you are," adds Pollard.

This key aspect of Frankie has seen large agencies pull together work and freelancers across continents.

“Our London office will send the brief to us in Johannesburg, we’ll farm out the work to the artists and then we send our work back to London for review,” said Managing Director of South African agency Embassy Peter van Jaarsveld. “We depend on Frankie to make sense of connecting our three sites.”

Embassy also utilises Frankie to do a review of all the work done over a week by the creative directors at their three locations. This weekly meeting can involve up to seven people all engaging with the program.

“(These) sessions are more effective than being in the same room because everybody’s focused,” said van Jaarsveld. “We do more in a 15-minute session than in an hour in the suite. Everyone’s more focused, everyone’s there to do a job.”

Pollard adds: “it can be quite lonely working (remotely) so anything you can do to make people feel more part of the process is a really positive thing."

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