Jobs SA website revamps public sector vacancies

By / 23rd of February, 2015

THE South Australian government has launched a simplified, updated public sector job hunting website to replace its Notice of Vacancies website.

Public Sector Minister Susan Close said the Jobs SA website was a welcome, modern change for anyone looking at potential placements in the public sector.

“The Notice of Vacancies, which has been in operation for more than 12 years, advertised over 7,000 jobs in the last financial year.  However, the system was not very user-friendly and we needed an updated and improved approach," Minister Close said.

"Jobs SA has been designed to be much easier to use, with a simpler interface for searching for jobs and subscribing to email notifications," she said.

"Jobs SA will post jobs daily, which is a huge improvement on the Notice of Vacancies’ weekly posting schedule.

"It will provide the latest information and job opportunities to people interested in working for, or finding a new position in, the public sector,” Close said.

The new site is also mobile-friendly, allowing people to search for jobs from anywhere.

You can visit the new site at