Sean Connolly to open restaurant in Adelaide

By / 16th of May, 2014

ACCOMPLISHED celebrity chef Sean Connolly will open a restaurant in South Australia as part of Sky City’s Adelaide Casino redevelopment and expansion.

Sean Connolly, a multi award-winning chef has built a reputation over the years for attention to detail, extolling the use of local product on menus whether in New Zealand, New York or Sydney.

Being an ambassador of sustainable seafood, South Australia will be able to proudly introduce Sean to amazing produce, not only from the depths of the sea but also our pristine pastures and many innovative producers.

My Family Feast, a 13-part series aired on SBS television where Sean was the presenter. It celebrated food, family and life stories from around the world showing families coming together to eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company and support.

Connolly joins chef Jamie Oliver in opening a restaurant in Adelaide. Jamie’s Italian will open by the end of 2014 in a historic building in the centre of the city.