Community response overwhelmingly in favour of shift in South Australia's time zone

By / 19th of March, 2015

THE South Australian government has released feedback received from community submissions regarding changing South Australia's time zone to align with the east or west coasts of the country.

South Australia currently fits in to ACST (Australian Central Standard Time, UTC: +09:30) when not observing daylight savings. It is half an hour behind the eastern states such as Victoria and New South Wales, and an hour and a half ahead of Western Australia.

This has prompted the consideration to shift the State's time zone forward or back to better align with other states.

79 per cent of responses received from the community so far favoured moving the time zone.

42 per cent of those responses favoured aligning with the Eastern States, while 37 per cent favoured moving half an hour back, bringing South Australia closer to Western Australia's time zone.

The community consultation will continue until April 10. Feedback on the idea can be submitted at