Cobham takes on $640 million maritime safety contract

By / 27th of October, 2014

COBHAM Aviation Services have acquired the $640 million Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) contract to supply a search and rescue capability in Australia for 12 years, starting from 2016.

Four Bombardier Challenger CL-604 special mission jet aircraft will be acquired, modified, commissioned and operated by Cobham over the course of the contract.

Sector President of Cobham, Peter Nottage, said that their experience in the field will ensure results when it comes to time-sensitive, life or death safety situations.

"Building on Cobham’s 30 years of experience in special mission operations around the world, including in Australia, the turnkey solution we will provide to AMSA represents an evolutionary improvement in range capability and speed to incident sites with longer loiter and search time over the search zone."

The aircraft will be based in Cairns, Melbourne and Perth, with much of the modification work undertaken at Cobham's Adelaide Headquarters.

AMSA utilises aircraft based in strategic locations across Australia to perform search and rescue tasks such as searching for missing people, locating activated distress beacons, providing communications support at an incident and dropping survival equipment to people in distress.

The aircraft will be specially modified to Australian requirements and fitted with new generation sensors, high-vision windows and air operable doors for aerial delivery of life saving equipment.