Taking video advertising sky high

By / 20th of March, 2015

IT HAS been hailed as the new frontier in aerial marketing – taking video advertising to the skies.

Using projection-mapping technology software and prototype screens developed by Ryan Osbourne in South Australia, Branding By Air projects video on a screen towed by a helicopter at night.

The video is projected on to a specially designed large-format electronic fabric from a second helicopter flying alongside.

Osbourne combined his background in designing audio-visual equipment with his passion for all things aviation to come up with the idea.

“I’ve been working around visual technology since I was 13, and it’s an industry where you need to learn to be very creative very quickly,” Osbourne said.

“I‘ve designed AV equipment for the motorsport and live music industries, and was looking for a way to connect the dots between this experience and the aviation sector – that’s where the idea came from.

“With traditional aerial branding, once the sun goes down, your window for opportunity closes – with our video projection system, we’ve essentially invented a way to use the other 12 hours of the day.

“The result is what we call experiential marketing. With a video flying through the night sky we are creating positive associations, which is essentially what all brands are after.”

He said big international companies are showing interest.

“Beverage companies, TV networks and big sports teams are coming on board – we actually flew one of our banners over the Super Bowl earlier this year,” Osbourne said.

The United Kingdom-born businessman said the innovative attitude he has found in South Australia helped him get the idea off the ground - literally.

“As a person who works in business I’ve noticed South Australia and Australia more broadly has a strong growth mentality with a view of ‘let’s make it happen’,” he said.

“The key to successful innovation is bravery. There are lots of good ideas out there but you have to have the guts to follow through.

“My advice to local innovators is to seek good mentoring so you have someone to bounce your ideas off of – and then just do it. Don’t doubt yourself or you won’t succeed.”

Key contacts

Ryan Osbourne Director of Technology and Innovation Branding By Air
61 400 40 60 25 ryan@brandingbyair.com