ZEN Energy Systems develop renewable storage with state grant

By / 4th of September, 2014

The State Government has awarded Zen Energy Systems a $200,000 grant to develop a battery storage solution at its new location in Tonsley precinct.

ZEN launched the Freedom Powerbank in 2012, a renewables storage solution using high-density lithium ion batteries that captures solar or wind generated energy for later use.

CEO of ZEN Energy Systems, Richard Turner, said the grant will help their move to Tonsley advanced manufacturing precinct and drive the development of a new manufacturing and research and development facility.

"This technology offers huge advantages for individual consumers who want to store their solar energy for use after dark, or store low-cost off-peak power to use when power is expensive," he said.

“This advance in electricity supply distribution is the technological equivalent to the shift from main frame computing to PCs and we are proud to be doing it from South Australia."


Manufacturing and Innovation Minister Susan Close said the government’s support will help ZEN Energy Systems develop its internationally-regarded technology to capture overseas and interstate markets.

"Its cutting-edge technology and its ability to store base load power is a breakthrough that positions South Australia at the forefront of the world market for renewable energy storage," she said.

ZEN Energy Systems, a South Australia company, has grown from two to 35 employees, supporting a network of installers and franchisees of 250 people.

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