Driving a dinghy to its limits

By / 23rd of August, 2016

A BET between mates in 1981 to see who could negotiate a dinghy the fastest through the backwaters of the River Murray in South Australia has developed into a major annual festival now backed by Red Bull.

The heavily modified dinghies race at speeds of up to 90km/h along the River Murray and the narrow creek networks surrounding Renmark, a Riverland town 250km northeast of the capital city Adelaide.

The race is organised by the Riverland Dinghy Club, a group of locals who volunteer their time to bring the event together every year.

Last year the derby gained the sponsorship of Red Bull, which will release Up the Creek – The Story of Red Bull Dinghy Derby on August 26 on its Red Bull TV app, a show that highlights what is probably the most Aussie of events ever staged.

The 2017 Red Bull Dinghy Derby will be held on The Murray, Australia’s longest river, on 5 February.